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How a Family Lawyer Can Help with Child Support and Custody Issues

Three wooden figures representing two parents and a child rest upon a child support agreement form that has yet to be filled out at the office of a family lawyer.Child support or child custody cases are complex affairs. The role of the family lawyer is not only to provide the best legal advice, guidance, and defense in court but also to act as a support for people often thrown into a legal system that can feel confusing and intimidating. Your El Paso family lawyer should be your advocate and be honest and upfront with you about your case and what you should expect. 

So, why is it important to have a reliable family lawyer? 

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What is the Role of the Family Lawyer? 

Family attorneys make up an important part of the legal system. Family law is a broad topic that encompasses cases that relate to marriage, legal separation, divorce, child custody and support, adoption, and more. Choosing your family attorney is a major decision as they will help guide you through the difficulties of the legal system during what is more than likely an emotional time. 

How Does a Family Lawyer Help Through Child Support and Custody 

One of the most difficult aspects of family law is dealing with child custody and child support issues. The family lawyer’s role is to provide skillful navigation of complicated legal matters involving children. 

Child support and child custody laws vary from state to state, your family lawyer will be well versed in the state’s law. Let’s look at some of the major aspects of how a lawyer helps you through your case. 

Child Support Cases 

Texas, like most states, takes a parent’s financial responsibility very seriously. The Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General, for example, aims to encourage parental responsibility, establish court orders, and enforce orders. An El Paso family law attorney can help you with: 

  • Understanding the process of receiving or filing for child support payments: Knowing what to expect before you jump into a case will alleviate stress. 
  • Filing for child support payments: If you need to file for child support payments, a lawyer can take care of the paperwork and proper applications. 
  • Reporting a lack of child support payments: If you are missing child support payments, there is a process for reporting this to the courts and ensuring the designated authorities can move to rectify the situation.  
  • Decrease child support payments: If your personal or financial situation has changed and you need to modify your payments, there is a legal process to lower your payments and avoid penalties lawfully. 
  • Hearing preparation: Any changes to child support payments will likely require a hearing before a judge. Your attorney will represent you in these hearings and ensure adequate negotiations and that your case is presented accurately and effectively. 
  • Calculating and modifying child support: If you need to recalculate child support payments, an attorney can help advise you on the necessary steps. 

Child Custody Cases in El Paso

Family law attorneys also deal with child custody cases. These are cases that decide where a child will reside and how parents will split the time between their children. Some couples reach agreements on their own. When they don’t, the court steps in to establish an agreement. 

An attorney can help you: 

  • Understand the process: It’s not always easy to understand how the court works these cases. Your attorney guides you through the process so there are no surprises and the process makes sense.  
  • Negotiate and fight on your behalf: A family lawyer is well-versed in the law and can fight on your behalf through their knowledge. 
  • Protect your rights as a parent: It’s not uncommon to see parents back down for fear of facing the legal system, but your attorney fights for your right as a parent and takes care of the difficult part. 
  • Provide support and guidance when things get tough: Your family lawyer serves as support during a confusing time. A custody case is a challenging time for anyone and knowing that someone is taking care of your case helps people get through it. 

How a Family Lawyer Supports Your Case 

Whether you are fighting a custody battle or untangling a child support case, an attorney offers expertise and professional advice based on years of experience. Your attorney studies changes in the law and implements new changes if they apply to your case. With a trusted attorney, you know that someone is representing your best interest. 

Talk to a Trusted El Paso Family Lawyer for Your Custody or Child Support Case 

Hiring an attorney that fights for your parental rights will help make the difficult time a little easier to bear. Here at Joseph and Hartshorn, we work with families to help them through their cases by offering the best legal advice and guidance. 

Want to learn more about our law firm? We can help you in your child custody and child support case. Call us today at (915) 800 – 0911.


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