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Gas Pipe Owners in Dallas Charged with Drug Trafficking: What Now?

drug defense attorneyThe owners of “Gas Pipe,” a popular smoke shop in Dallas who specializes in pipes, darts, and tattoo supplies, among other items, have been charged with drug trafficking after they were found to be selling K2 or “Spice” in their stores. The defendants in the case, owner Jerry Shultz and his daughter Amy Herrig, say they didn’t realize they were trafficking drugs. Now, it is up to a jury to decide whether or not they are guilty.

Spice is a type of cannabinoid that is enhanced using chemicals. Many of the chemicals used for the enhancement are considered dangerous and have been outlawed by the United States Federal Government.

If found guilty, Jerry, who is 72, may face up to a life sentence in prison.

What Are Some Texas and Federal  Laws Regarding Drugs?

Punishments and penalties regarding drugs will differ depending on the drug, the amount in possession, the amount being delivered or being trafficked, and whether or not the person being charged with the crime has any prior convictions. The penalties also differ depending on the kind of drug crime committed. These include:

  • Possession of Drugs or Paraphernalia-This defines anyone who is in possession of drugs and the devices used to take the drugs, such as a pipe or bong. Typically, possession is a state crime and will be prosecuted in state court.
  • Manufacturing- Manufacturing is a criminal charge for producing illicit drugs. Manufacturing is a state crime and will be prosecuted in state court but may go federal depending on the facts.
  • Delivery- Delivery is a criminal charge for any form of drug dealing in Texas. Delivery is a state crime and will be prosecuted in state court but may go federal depending on the facts.
  • Distribution- Anyone who sells drugs but isn’t necessarily manufacturing them will fall under this definition. Distribution is a federal charge.
  • Trafficking- Drug trafficking, specifically, deals with the manufacture, sale, and distribution of drugs. This can be drugs ranging from marijuana to cocaine and anything else deemed illegal by the federal government. Trafficking is a federal charge.

Minor drug offenses may be charged as a Class A or B Misdemeanor. However, many drug crimes result in felony charges or federal charges. Whether you’ve received a misdemeanor,felony or federal charge, your best bet is to work with a drug defense attorney.

How a Drug Defense Attorney Can Help You

A drug defense attorney will help you build a case and represent you in court. It’s always better to go in with someone on your side, and an attorney will do just that. They speak the language, understand the laws, and are equipped to help you throughout the entire process. If you’re in need of a drug defense attorney, Joseph Law, PLLC can help you.

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