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My Spouse Just Asked For A Divorce — What Should I Do Now? 

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but let’s face it: it doesn’t always work out. There are many ways a rocky marriage can be patched up or salvaged, but sometimes the best course of action is simply getting a divorce.  If your spouse has asked for a divorce and you’re unsure what your next step should […]

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What the Changing Landscape of Marijuana Legalization Means for Texans

Our country is constantly changing. Take the legalization of marijuana, for example. Many states throughout the country have legalized marijuana for recreational and/or medical use. The entire West Coast, Colorado, Nevada, Alaska, Michigan, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine have legalized recreational and medical marijuana. A larger number of states have only legalized medical marijuana. This is […]

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Staying Safe on the Roads During the Holiday Season

The holiday season should be a joyous time, one you spend with your friends and family, filling up on food and receiving all the gifts you hoped you would get. But the holidays are also a time when, unfortunately, the number of car accidents on our roads increase. Car accidents can be incredibly devastating. If […]

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Gas Pipe Owners in Dallas Charged with Drug Trafficking: What Now?

The owners of “Gas Pipe,” a popular smoke shop in Dallas who specializes in pipes, darts, and tattoo supplies, among other items, have been charged with drug trafficking after they were found to be selling K2 or “Spice” in their stores. The defendants in the case, owner Jerry Shultz and his daughter Amy Herrig, say […]

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Facts About Car Accidents & What You Can Do to Stay Safe

It seems like every day there’s a new accident on I-10. Car accidents happen every day on roads all throughout the United States and beyond. In fact, the statistics are staggering. Hundreds of car accidents happen daily, and dozens of those result in severe injuries and even death. It’s hard to think about, especially as […]

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How Drug Laws Have Changed Since 2010

It’s crazy that we’re only two years shy of starting a new decade when the year 2010 feels like yesterday. Scott Pilgrim was fresh in theaters. Barack Obama was only two years into his first presidency. A lot has changed since 2010, including the drug laws in our country. As marijuana acceptance grows and the […]

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It’s In Your Best Interest To Team Up With an Assault Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with an assaultive offense, you can face various consequences. From fines to up to one year in jail, or both. The consequences are more serious if you are charged with felony assault. You can face assault charges by intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury to another individual or by threatening […]

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So You’re Facing Your First DWI Charge, What Now?

Driving while intoxicated is illegal in the state of Texas. DWI charges tend to carry fines, jail time and license suspension as punishments. The severity of the punishments varies depending on your conviction, so it’s important to be aware of what you’re dealing with when it comes to DWI charges, especially in the state of […]

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