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Car Accident Review for 2018: What Can We Do to Make 2019 a Safer Year for Drivers?

pedestrian signLast year was not a good year for El Paso in terms of car accidents. In fact, El Paso had higher rates of car accidents in 2018 than we have had in recent years, according to data collected by the Texas Department of Transportation. In 2018, there were more accidents, fatalities, and pedestrian deaths than in 2017.

El Paso had around 30 fatal pedestrian accidents, nearly 70 fatal car accidents, and countless non-fatal accidents. These numbers were higher than what was previously reported in 2017. For example, in mid-December 2017, the Sun City had seen roughly 52 fatal accidents. In mid-December 2018, there were almost 70, a significant jump from the previous year.

What is El Paso Doing to Make a Difference?

To reduce the number of accidents we see on our roads, the city of El Paso is rolling out new initiatives that can help keep drivers and pedestrians safe. For example, the city plans on improving sidewalk and crosswalk conditions throughout the city, including in the upper valley, where a young girl was killed in a hit and run on her walk home from school. In addition, the city has also added new lights at dangerous intersections and is implementing other strategies that can make the roads a safer place.

What Can I Do If I’ve Been Involved in a Wreck?

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