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Criminal Law & Family Law
in El Paso

Accident Lawyer, Injury Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer

Who We Are — Joseph & Hartshorn

Jon Joseph— Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jon Joseph is a native El Pasoan dedicated to criminal defense in his hometown and in representing El Pasoans. He attended the University of Texas at El Paso and the University of North Texas Dallas College of Law. He has a wide range of experience and training in criminal law, including a year of International Criminal Law in the Netherlands.

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Accident Lawyer, Injury Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer

Jordan Hartshorn — Family Lawyer

Jordan Hartshorn is a native El Pasoan who practices family law in El Paso, Texas. Ms. Hartshorn attended the University of Texas at El Paso and Texas A&M School of Law. She has a wide range of experience in family law and CPS matters.

What We Do — Areas of Law We Practice

Criminal Defense

Criminal charges must be met head-on with a strong defense. Time and communication are essential. As a criminal defense lawyer, Jon Joseph will back you up. He works diligently to collect evidence, interview witnesses, and build a strong defense for your case.

We accept all criminal cases. Our law firm takes on anything from misdemeanors to felonies. This includes aggravated assault, fraud, drug crimes, and more.

Common criminal defense cases we handle include:


As a subcategory of criminal defense law, DWI defense provides individuals facing DWI charges a chance to defend themselves in a court of law. We help you mount an adequate defense without being intimidated by the state of Texas.

Drug Possession +

These charges may vary from possession of Marijuana, cocaine, designer drugs (Ecstasy, LSD, PCP, etc.), or any controlled substance. Each charge is different and complicated in its own way.

Domestic Violence +

Family violence cases are serious matters with severe ramifications. A professional and strong defense is critical from the moment an accusation emerges to ensure the case is handled properly.

Family Law

Family cases involve matters of divorce, child custody, and child support. Family law cases are often difficult and stressful for all involved. That’s why teaming up with the right attorney is crucial. Family lawyer Jordan Hartshorn will stand by your side, every step of the way. She will make the process a lot easier by providing professional and compassionate family law services.

Common family law cases we handle include:

divorce icon
Divorce +

Separation from a spouse is a difficult enough process. Dealing with the complications of the law only adds to the stress and emotional strain. Whether you are seeking a divorce or your spouse has initiated the process, Jordan Hartshorn provides legal representation for contested and uncontested divorce proceedings.

Child Custody
Child Custody +

The love for your children is undeniable and the uncertainty of a custody battle only compounds the stressful nature of ongoing family litigation. We understand that difficult circumstances might lead to difficult decisions and compromises.

Child Support +

The strenuous nature of child custody often extends to questions pertaining to the financial responsibilities of each parent. This will often depend on your income, custody status, and other factors.

How We Help You

Whether you are facing criminal charges or going through a divorce, the legal system is a labyrinth of legal terms, paperwork, out-of-court proceedings, and court proceedings that make it overwhelming and time consuming to navigate. At Joseph & Hartshorn, we provide our clients with committed legal representation in criminal and family law cases. Our experience and commitment to our clients form our promise of competent and efficient legal defense and representation.

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